Goals for 2015 and What Happened in 2014

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Beginning this year I’m starting an Annual Review - a report of my reflections on the last year and what I plan to do on the year to come. This is a way to hold myself accountable to the world as well as celebrate my successes throughout the year.

Supercharged VIM Built From Source

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There’s a reason programmers love VIM: infinite customization that is consistent across all of your projects. VIM is capable of being molded to your particular tastes and workflow, so why limit oneself with the anemic VIM that’s bundled with your OS? Let’s supercharge our VIM with the latest the text editor has to offer with the language and plugin support that we crave.1

Note: While I’m sure the following can be adapted to another distro, I assume you’re running a newish version of Ubuntu and is tested against Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10. The same can be said for RVM - while this guide uses RVM, you should be able to adapt it for an alternative ruby manager

I Want to Code

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My name is Donnie West. I work in fast food and I am teaching myself how to code. I’m doing it not only to become more valuable as a member of the workforce, but also to instill in myself qualities I lack.

I am utterly undisciplined

Programming is a discipline where one learns to communicate clearly one’s intentions to both a computer and fellow human beings; that is, the communication must be concise and logical. This is precisely why I find programming so appealing. It is the craft of the digital age, a skill to be honed over one’s lifetime and built upon.